Åre Outdoor Waffle  Session (Eng)

Åre Outdoor Waffle Session (Eng)

Make your own crispy waffle over open fire toghether with family or friends. This activity take place at beautiful Fröålägret and you book a set with all equpiment needed for four persons. The wilderness camp have easy acces by both foot and ski.

This experience starts by a short selfguided hike or skitrip to our wilderness camp Fröålägret in the area of Åre Björnen/Fröå gruva. The most easy access to the Camp is to ski or walk along “Gamla Fröåvägen” (it is the same XC- route, as named “Fäbodturen” in Skistars or Åre Trail´s maps). The distance from Fröå Gruva (Fröå Mine) to the camp is only 800m and from Åre Björnen to the camp the distance is 2.5 km). You can park your car in Åre Björnen or Fröå gruva. 

Upon arrival at Fröålägret your party will during 1,5 h get a small cozy private “camp site” with fireplace, benches and necessary equipment (waffle irons and accessories) for making your own waffles and have a nice session with friends around the fire.


Above: Rough guide of how to get to Fröålägret.

Who is Åre Outdoor Waffle Session for?

Åre Outdoor Waffle Session is an easy accessible adventure for guests and groups who like to have a nice break with selfmade waffles in the wilderness. The shortest way to get here is by walking 800m from Fröå gruva.

What will I experience?
A cozy unique session where you together with your friends or family making your own waffle over open fire at our wildernss camp, Fröålägret.

Where do we start?
You need go hike or ski to the wilderness camp from either Åre Björnen or Fröå Gruva along “Gamla Fröåvägen”. It is “share the trail” and allowed to walk on the trail, also in winter.

How to get there?
Skibus or car to Åre Björnen or taxi/car to Fröå gruva, where you start your hike.

How long will it take?
It takes around 15-20 min to walk/ski the 800 m from Fröå Gruva to the Camp and from Åre Björnen 45-60 min to walk/ski the 2,5 km. At Fröålägret you have access to the waffle set during 1,5 h.  

Any minimum age or length?
We recommend small kids (that not are able to walk 800 m) to be pulled in a sled by an adult.

What do I have to bring?
Warm clothes, warm shoes, warm gloves and a warm hat. We recommend dressing as warm as possible. 

Are there other things I need to know?
The Waffles contains gluten. 

If you are more then 4 pers in your party, you can rent more equpiment on the spot (max 2 more per “camp site”).

Please be at Fröålägret minimum 10 min before your booked session.


995 SEK for “1,5 h Waffle Session Large 3-4 pax” and 595 SEK for “1,5 h Waffle Session Medium 1-2 pax). (Price valid when booking through the website).

For companies and groups we also have other concepts with even higher flexibility. Contact us for a quote and suggestions for set up.

Published by: Rickard Fredriksson, founder of Explore Åre.