Wintersled adventure with magic mountain views and “Fika” (eng)

Our wintersled adventure starts in Åre Björnen where we sit down on warm reindeer furs in our comfortable big sled thats linked behind an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). After leaving Åre Björnen the trip goes through a wonderful landscape with fantasic veiws on the backside of mount Åreskutan and soon we reach our goal, a really nice and cozy hut high up on the mountain side. Here we will be all alone in the wilderness and the only “sound” to listen to is the silence. In the hut we will have time to relax, light a fire and have a break for coffee and snacks and if there is kids on the trip they will have the chance to go sledding in the slopes around the hut. If you like, we can also arrange lunch in the hut.

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Karolinare ATV_tur_fika_640ATV_tur_åre_myren_640

Korvgrill i Åre liten ATV_Agellhyddan_3_600 ATV transport Carins stuga 2_640

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Who is ATV Wintersled Adventure for?

The ATV Wintersled adventure is an easy accessible adventure for guests in Åre who like to come out in the wilderness and get a feeling of being alone on the mountain. This is a good and safe alternative to snowmobiling and snowscooter where you easily can bring the family and friends for an unforgettable adventure in the wilderness.


ATV trip in a big sled on the backside of mount Åreskutan


Gathering Point is Åre Björnen.

Time scale

2 hours


Your own gear

Warm clothes for the weather conditions of the day


Is a part of the experience


Swedish “Fika” (Coffee and snacks) are included


1990 Sek for a sled of 1-5 persons.  (Price valid when booking through the website).

For companies and groups we also have other concepts with even higher flexibility. Contact us for a quote and suggestions for set up.

Published by: Rickard Fredriksson, founder of Explore Åre.

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