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Our dogs are ready to take and you and your friends into the wilderness and areas around Åre. We travel through the countryside by getting pulled in our sleds by the dogs and it is an experience that goes beyond the most. The only sound you hear is the dogs’ paws against the snow and the sleds runners gliding in the track. Our sleddog tours can start at many different locations around Åre and the length of the tours range from two hours to several days. A popular dog sled tour is our “Fika tour”, which takes about two hours and one travels about twelve kilometers. Coffe is included in this sleddog tour. See more about Sleddog in Åre here.

Hundspann i Åre hundspannsturer i Åre hundspann i åre

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The dogs that we use are trained Huskies who love staying out in the cold and pull the sleds through the woods. You will see and hear the joy when the anchor is let loose the dogs rushing off with you behind on the sleds.

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While in Åre, don´t miss the chance to see the Northern Lights!

Written by: Rickard Fredriksson, founder of Explore Åre.

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