See the Reindeers of Åre, Sweden

See the reindeer´s of Åre, Sweden on a guided tour with us. We let the cute reindeer eat from our hands and we also try some lasso, Swedish fika and a short snowshoe hike.

We pick you up by your hotell or cabin and drive for about 30 minutes to the southern Åre Mountains. Here we go for a short snowshoe walk, and if you have kids they can sit comfortable in a sled that we pull behind us.

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Feeding the reindeer´s on our guided tour.

The reindeer´s that we meet is young calves who are very friendly and not shy at all. We feed them their natural food source which is moss that is picked in the summer. It´s really a fantastic experience to come this close to wild animals.

After meeting the reindeer´s we snuggle up in the forest. Make a fire and enjoy à classical Swedish fika. While enjoying the fika the guide will tell you about the Sami people who are the native people off northern Sweden. The Sami people are the only ones aloud to own reindeer´s in Sweden and they have a close relationship with the reindeer´s and the nature. A truly amazing and genuine people who have been living in the north for thousands of years.

Here you can read more and book your own Reindeer Experience.

Don´t miss the chance to see the northern lights while in Åre. See more information here.

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