Attractions in Åre Sweden. 6 best things to see and do!

Attractions in Åre Sweden, here is the list of what you must see and do while you are here.

Attraction number 1 in Åre – Snow Quad

If you are in Åre Sweden during the winter, you must try out Snow Quad. Read more about Snow Quad here 

Attraction number 2 in Åre – Northern Lights

Try to see the magic Northern Light. More information about how to find it here.

Attraction number 3 in Åre – Waterfalls

Visit some of Åres wonderful Waterfalls. More information about how to see and visit the waterfalls here.

Attraction number 4 in Åre – Mountain Cart

Bring your family and friends for an unforgettable ride down Mount Åreskutan on a Mountain Cart . More information about Mountain cart here.

Attraction number 5 in Åre – Dogsledding

Join the dogs for a different experience in the wild. Read more about dogsledding in Åre here.

Attraction number 6 in Åre – The Reindeers

See and feed the cute reindeers of the Åre Mountains. More information about the Reindeers here.


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